New paintings
You can find my new paintings on social networks almost every weekday. This year is the first year after many years that the opening of my summer big exhibition will not take place on May 29, 2020. But the creation continuous and it is new :-). I look forward to your feedback and come to see or order the painting  to my Art studio. For more info and orders. call 00420 731 461 769, I have a Art studio in Prague in Kbely. Thank you Monika B.
Invitation for the opening 29.5.2019

The opening takes place on May 29, 2019 at 6 pm in the Ambient of the Virgin Mary Snow in the Monastery on Jungmannovo square 753/18, Praha 1. The registration is necessary for the opening and the entrance is free, because it is a closed company. Sign up here.

(The exhibition is open for the public every day in the days 30.5. - 22.6., including weekends from 10.00 to 18.00, entrance 50, - CZK /2 euro/1 person, children free of charge).

Looking forward to see you!

Exibition from 30.5. - 22.6.2019

The big exhibition of art od Monika Brchelová is from 30.5. - 22.6.2019 every day, from 10.00 to 18.00, including weekends in the center of Prague in the Virgin Mary Snow Monastery on Jungmann Square in Prague. Admission costs 50, - CZK / person, children have free admission.

You are welcome!!!!

Photos from opening ceremony - exibition

The photos from opening ceremony you can find here and the catalog from the last exibition in the monastery in Prague 2018 you can have a look here.

The exibititon of art of Monika Brchelová continuous till 17.6. and it is open every day from 10.00 - 18.00. you are welcome :-)

Invitation to the curent exibition of art of Monika Brchelová in the center of Prague

I sincerally invite you to my exhibition that runs every day, from 10.00 to 18.00. from 30.5. - 17.6. including weekends in the center of Prague in the Virgin Mary Snow Monastery on Jungmann Square in Prague. Admission costs 50, - CZK / person, children have free admission.

More than 70 works of art can be seen at the exhibition. I am  looking forward to your visit. Monika Brchelová

Exhibition of oil paintings Golf Resort Telč 2017
The exhibition of Monika Brchelová´s oil paintings takes place at Golf Resort Telč from 25.9. to 30.11.2017. Come and play golf on the beautiful playground and look at the Monika Brchelová´soriginal exhibition of oil paintings. Video catalog to view here. We are looking forward to seeing you at Golf Resort Telč at Vanov 21, 588 56 Telč. Next year you can enjoy here oil painting exhibition with golf theme. 
A gorgeous huge exhibition of more than 70 works by Monika Brchelová in 2018
from May 29, 2018 to June 17, 2018 exhibition of art of Monika Brchelová takes place in the The Church and Monastery of Our Lady of the Snows in Prague, Jungmannovo náměstí 753/18, 110 00 Praha 1, open daily from 10 am to 6 pm!!! You are welcome :-)
Monika Brchelová`s ongoing exhibitions

- from 21.8.2017 Monika Brchelová Oil Painting Exhibition takes place at Plzeňská 298/276, 150 00, Prague 5 at the Hotel Energie Hotel, which is also the place of the Energy - Construction and Mining Company Directorate, more here.

- from the summer of 2017, an exhibition of oil paintings by Monika Brchelovát takes place in the Golf Resort of Písek, more here.

Art has no borders

After years of artistic activity, Monika Brchelová has began to study the painting at ART & DESIGN INSTITUTE in Prague, an art university of art in the Czech Republic.

"Yesterday at matriculation, the Rector said that art has no borders." It was nice." :-)

Exibition of oil paintings of Monika Brchelová in Hotel Energie, Prague 5

From 21.8.2017 there is The art exibiton of oil paintings of Monika Brchelová at the Hotel Energie in Prague, Plzeňská 298/276, 150 00.
Video to see here.

"I have painted the oil painting called Joy straight for the interior of the hotel`s reception and I`m very glad that the painting was color and thematic right and sat down to this pleasant place. I am delighted to be able to exhibit in the beautiful place of the Hotel Energie. " Come to see and enjoy :-)

With love Monica

Exhibition of paintings Monika Brchelová in Golf Resort Písek 2017

Video from the exhibition of Monika Brchelová in the Golf Resort Písek 2017 you can be find here. We invite you tothe  exhibition. The address is: Kestřany 70, 398 21 Kestřany

"This exhibition is my great pleasure, it is my honor to exhibit in such a beautiful landscape where the Golf Resort Písek is located, if you want to get inspiration, come to play golf and  see the exhibition." With love Monika

Summer exibition at Golf
From tomorrow 8.7.2017 there is the exhibition of Monika Brchelová`s paintings at Golf Resort Písek Kestřany 70. Come to en golf and enjoy art. :-) 
Project Increasing CQ

This amazing project also in spanish: PROYECTO DEL AUMENTO IC - El aumento de la Inteligencia Creativa (IC) es un proyecto científico y de investigación cuyas conclusiones se utilizan en la práctica. La intención es crear el fuente abierto de información para todos los que trabajan con esta área o de alguna manera necesita este tema. Fue fundada por la pintora Monika Brchelová. 

Project Increasing CQ
Increasing Creative Intelligence (CQ) is officially launched. It is a scientific and research project whose findings are used in practice. More you could find here.
Amazing art e-shop

you can see and buy art in our international art project "PragueLOPArt". More here.

Inspiration from art of Monika Brchelová

Enjoy new videos: Oil paintings with onyx here. Details of oil paintings  here.Oil paintings of flowers here.

Photo from the opening ceremony 29.5.2017 of art exibition

The photo from the opening ceremony of art exibition of Monika Brchelova (May 29, 2017), which took place in the Monastery of Our Lady of the Snowson on Jungmann Square 18 in Prague here. The exhibition runs from 30.5. - 11.6. And is open from 10.00 to 18.00. Video from the exhibition here. The admission fee is 50 CZK and children under 18 free of charge. You are welcome!

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